Peter Sherratt

Cornish Princess


The Cornish Princess is the fictional daughter of the last king of the ancient Celtic tribe which ruled Cornwall from Roman times until the eighth century. It is also the name of a lobster fishing boat from the tiny Cornish west coast village harbour of St Pennard.

Mike Thompson is made redundant and, in a moment of depression concludes that his entire life has been a failure. In desperation, he goes to St Pennard intent on suicide.  

Instead, he is captivated by its beauty and establishes a new life there, leaving behind the ambition of the rat-race. He settles into a simple lifestyle, immersing himself in the quiet pace of this idyllic setting.  

The peace is disturbed by the dramatic arrival of Ellie, a young artist. Following the death of her fiancĂ© in an air-crash, she comes to St Pennard on her intended wedding day to put an end to her tragic love-life.  

Mike feels an immediate empathy with her distress and sets about drawing her back from the abyss, both mentally and physically. Their shared sadness draws them together to find blossoming love and happiness, entwined in the peaceful life of this lovely village and the wonderful characters who live there.  

Local dramas include a fire, a near-shipwreck, a floating war-time mine and unravelling a past smuggling mystery: each broadens their friendship and deepens their love.  

Everything is perfect . . . . . .

. . . . . . then fate deals a joker from the bottom of the pack!







Cornish Princess is a romantic fiction available from Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN 9781788237581 (Paperback)

ISBN 9781788237598 (E-Book)